I hate this damn red light.

I'm talking about the light at the Black Horse Pike and McKee Avenue in Mays Landing -- you know, the one by the movie theater.

Black Horse Pike and McKee Avenue, Mays Landing - Photo: Chris Coleman

Now, the Pike and McKee Avenue is not the busiest intersection around and that's probably why I can't figure out why traffic always backs-up there. English Creek and the Pike is far busier, yet traffic usually flows through there just fine. Same with Wrangleboro Road and the Pike and even through all of the other lights in front of Hamilton Mall.

Then you get to McKee Avenue. It's where fast moving traffic goes to die.

Morning, noon, and night, winter or summer. You sit there. Sometimes for several light cycles. Headed westbound during the evening rush hour? You sit there for an eternity. A Saturday afternoon in the summer? You sit there for an eternity.


And if you have ever either left the movie theater or have been on McKee Avenue, you know the green light for you is only eight seconds long. Eight seconds!

I hate this damn red light.

If you agree or disagree, please let me know in the comments section below. And if you want to nominate another sucky traffic light in South Jersey, please feel free to vent there, too.

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