The Chair House continues to gain fame.

Several weeks ago, we first broke the news of the Chair House, shortly after a couple of people started a Facebook page dedicated to the house with the chair precariously perched on top of the roofless structure.

The house, located on Route 47 in Dennisville, apparently has been an unofficial landmark for many as they traveled down the mostly- rural road. Whether it was locals zooming around the small town area, or visitors cruising to the Cape May Shore, many saw the chair, wondering how it was staying perched up there.

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When we first wrote our story, there were a little more than 2,000 people following the Chair House on Facebook. As this story is being written, the number on Facebook has ballooned to over 8,200 members.

Facebook posts now include daily checks and photos of the chair, stories about traveling to see the chair, and - the true mark of popularity in 2023: memes produced about the Chair House.

Heck, the people at Google Maps have even recognized the chair! It's on the map:

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Chair House is also continuing to get publicity. Here's one of the latest Philadelphia TV segments about it:

Where will it all end? Is this only the beginning of the Chair House's 15 minutes of fame?

We've even seen rumors of T-shirts being made!

What happens when the famous chair finally falls from the house? (Actually, will it fall, or will it be pushed?)

Is all the fame good for the Chair House - or will it be its demise?

Stay tuned!

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