We've all seen the posts..

Very cringe-worthy.

"Why would you post that?"

Well, I see a lot on Facebook. I have 5,000 friends. Many are listeners of our radio station. Many are people I've never spoken with nor have I met in person.

I see some crazy sh**.

Last night, there was a post from a woman in Millville. I won't reveal her name, but I will quote some of the post (that has since been removed.)

So this girl wants to be in my family having an affair with my husband I share away - You know he had a family a wife who loves him deeply and I spend each day for the last 19 years about my husband.  The 2 of your broke our bond........

The post goes on to include - get this - a photo of the woman in question!

It's certainly heartbreaking and sad, but is this really something you want to put on Facebook for the world to see?

Too much drama? Too much information? Please comment below.


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