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Owners and residents of Ocean Club in Atlantic City receive odd warning letter

In a letter apparently sent to Ocean Club "Members", the Ocean Club Board of Trustees are warning residents to stop throwing food and dog feces at personnel working on repairing balconies in the 1,000 unit complex.

The letter was posted on Facebook and is included below.

This is a very perplexing situation: Why would you want to assault someone working in your building repairing something meant to keep you and your family safe?

Ocean Club Condos Atlantic City
Harry Hurley

Ocean Club Balconies are being repaired following safety concerns

It was two years ago that many of balconies in the high rise complex were found to be safe.

Work began shortly thereafter to ensure that the balconies were brought up to safety standards.

Apparently that work has been continuing.

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Ocean Club letter addresses throwing of food and dog feces

The letter sent to those in the complex states that the project's engineer is threatening to walk off the job.

The condo board has asked Atlantic City Police to look into the matter. The letter says those harassing workers while they are so high off the ground could result in some big-time criminal charges.

Ocean Club Condos Atlantic City
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Can this problem hurt property values in the Ocean Club complex?

Part of the letter to owners states that these incidents could certainly hurt property values. "Who wants to buy a property where owners throw feces out their window at innocent workers?"

We found eight properties in the complex currently for sale on They range in price from $169,000 to $499.000.

Here's the letter that was posted on Facebook:

It's not a great day for Atlantic City.

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