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I don't know what I would do if I lost either of my two pups, so I can't imagine what this one Egg Harbor Township family is going through right now. They lost their family dog, RiRi.

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Several posts have been circulating on various local Facebook groups lately in an attempt to raise awareness and keep people on the lookout for a beloved family dog named RiRi who went missing after the house fire in Fountain Lakes on Superior Road last week. That's the second house fire Superior Road has had to break out in the last three months. The devastation was awful enough, but add to that the pressure that comes with trying to make sure you're beloved fur family members are okay, and that's a whole new level of stress.

RiRi is an adorable mixed breed pup that the local family has been diligently searching for since the night of the fire. They watched her escape, so the good news is that she is, in fact, alive. Since then, there have been a few sightings here and there, but nobody has yet been able to get her and return her to the family safely. Of course, the family is so thankful for the outpouring of love and support they've received since news of their house fire was released to the public, and are even more grateful for everyone assisting with the search for RiRi.

This Fountain Lakes family has lost enough already. Let's bring RiRi home! Check out her pictures HERE and be sure to reach out to either 609-816-1004 or 609-635-3156 if you spot her.

Source: Facebook

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