Police in Egg Harbor Township have announced they'll be conducting a DWI checkpoint this weekend.

This Friday, August 11th, EHT Police, in conjunction with the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office, will do the checkpoint on the Black Horse Pike near the Tilton Road interchange. Time for the checkpoint will be 8  pm - 2 am.

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If you've never been stopped at a DWI checkpoint before, here's my experience: You pull up to the stop, roll down your window, and an officer asks you a few questions. If he or she does not find any signs of alcohol use, they wave you on. Of course if the officer has reason, they will conduct further tests.  According to a new release about the stop, "We will have zero tolerance for motorists who decide to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs."

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Of course, the million dollar question is, "Why do they warn the public about the stop? Why not just do it?"

First, it's the law. Law enforcement must publicly announce DWI and similar stops.

Second, the goal isn't to "catch people driving under the influence." Of course, if they do, they'll charge them. The goal is to prevent people from using alcohol or drugs and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. "The goal of this checkpoint is to raise awareness of the dangers of consuming alcohol and/or drugs prior to getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle along with high visibility enforcement."

So, don't drink and drive this weekend - or ever.

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SOURCE: Egg Harbor Township Police Department.

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