The memes that have circulated the internet since last night's Eagles vs Bears game are everything. It looked like all hope was lost for the Eagles up until the very last play of the game when Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey missed a partially blocked field goal. The amount of "Doink, Doink" posts I've seen on Facebook this morning is insane.

The real kicker (see what I did there) is what Eagles fans are doing for Cody Parkey. According to Yahoo, "Several Eagles fans found the former Eagles kicker on Venmo and sent him money."

Let's be honest, Parkey is having a pretty bad day so having a couple of beers on some random people online isn't the worst thing that could happen to him.

Fans weren't actually sure if they had been sending the right Cody Parkey money since there is no way to verify the user. That was until Zack Rosenblatt's, reporter for, brother sent money to the Bears kicker. According to Yahoo, "...[He] figured it was the real Cody Parkey because the now-deleted account received a payment in the past from a user with the name Jon Dorenbos, who was the Eagles long snapper when Parkey played in Philly for two seasons."

That is some Sherlock Holmes detective work.

Unfortunately, once the internet started to get populated with posts about fans sending money to Parkey, fake accounts popped up left and right. Users were changing their name to Cody Parkey, trying to scam people in to sending them money. Others made "clever" usernames such as @Cody_Parkey_01 and @ChiTownKicker. Some users continued the "doink" joke and made their username @Doubledoink.

Source: Yahoo

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