Do you remember the Twist a Braid that was popular in the 90's? Which I just Googled and realized that it wasn't called a Twist a Braid. Talk about a Mandela Effect. Anyway, I digress. I tested out the Easy Braids toy, which pretty much gave me the result I was expecting.

I can't believe they think kids can use these toys. If a grown adult can't manage it, how can a child? I don't remember struggling this much when I was a kid with the one I had, so maybe you lose certain abilities as you grow up. I snagged this toy when I did my vlog and haul from Toys R Us.

Luckily, my hair didn't get torn out. I was seriously concerned that I would end up with a bald spot by the end of the video. I was left with a few knots and a few braids that looked like a 3-year-old did, but my hair was in tact.

See how an Easy Braids works:

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