Big Bird is yellow.

This guy is not Big Bird, but his shirt is YELLOW!

Egg Harbor Township Police are asking for the public's help identifying a man wearing a yellow shirt. He was caught on surveillance camera and EHT Police say they want to talk with him about an ongoing investigation.

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A quick online search uncovered the meaning behind the logo on his shirt. The "CCA Metro" refers to the Carpenter Contractor Alliance in New York City. That logo can be found on their website. Of course, this doesn't mean he has anything to do with the Alliance. The shirt could have ended up with him in any number of ways.

I'm not an actual investigator - I'm simply someone who knows how to use Google:)

If you can help EHT Police with information, you're urged to call the Egg Harbor Township Detective Bureau at (609) 926-4051. You can also send an email to

SOURCE: Egg Harbor Township Police Department.

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