All lovers of the outdoors are always chomping at the bit in anticipation of their next adventure. Unfortunately, for one New Jersey couple, their latest adventure out west proved to be fatal.

A couple from New Jersey were excited to set out on a pretty popular hike while vacationing out in Arizona earlier this month. Multiple reports detail the day's events, mentioning that it started out as one of endless possibilities for Christopher Dyer and his girlfriend, Zoey Russomanno. That day would prove to be the worst day of their lives after the 27-year-old man died on the trail.

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According to a few accounts of what happened, Dyer's family had heard from the couple in the morning right before the pair set out on the Black Mesa Trail, which leads to the Dutchman Trail Loop out in the Phoenix metropolitan area. He had sent them a picture of himself and Russomanno, letting them know that they were about to head out for the day. Apparently, the family had one more correspondence with him before the worst happened.

Dyer collapsed, and neither he nor Russomanno had any cell service. Russomanno did the only thing she could think of: she left to try to get some help. She did, however, leave Dyer with his phone in case he came to and was able to call for help before she was. That didn't work out as Russomanno hoped since she wound up getting lost and eating cactus to sustain herself. Someone finally walked by and was able to assist both Russomanno and Dyer, but by that point, it was too late.

Dyer didn't even make it to the hospital before being pronounced dead.

Now, his sister, Erin Zomorsky, is pleading with people to understand the risks that accompany hiking in those kinds of temperatures. Her brother isn't the only hiker to perish as a result of the high temperatures this summer while on Arizona trails. As a matter of fact, he would be the third out-of-towner to lose his life as a result of those elements.

Christopher Dyer's cause of death is still unknown, but his family is determined to get the word out to all those who aren't used to hiking in that kind of weather. Even people from that area say it's not wise to venture out onto any strenuous trails in anything over 100 degrees.


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