It feels like a bell should be ringing in Cape May County this morning.

The Queen is dead.

Well, not the Queen.

The chair.

Not just any chair - THE CHAIR!

Dennisville Chair
Google Maps

The Chair has fallen

The chair, made world famous by a Facebook fan page, Chair Watch, has apparently finally toppled from it's precarious position atop an abandoned house on Route 47 in Dennisville.

Several people have posted on the page this morning that the chair has fallen, including Justin Cline, who gave us permission to share his photo.

Cline says he usually rides by the chair house twice a day, and saw the chair down first thing this morning.

Cline says last night's storm was to blame: "It was definitely the storm. I live about four miles north. It got pretty gusty."

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Google Maps
Google Maps

The Chair was world-wide famous

We wrote about the Chair back in September when the Facebook page was just beginning with a couple thousand followers. At last check, almost twelve thousand people were following the page.

After we wrote about the chair, news outlets from around the world picked up and shared the story.

The chair even made an appearance on Google Maps:

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Chair was a landmark

The Facebook page contains a lot of accounts of people who noticed the chair long before it "became famous."

People would notice the chair on the house as they made trips down the shore and back, and locals would notice the chair on their daily comings and goings.

Some have pointed out that other items are still on the top of the house, but it will never be the same.

The chair is down. Long live the chair.

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