The daughter of one of South Jersey's most famous former residents (well, depending on your political party) was a big hit on "American Idol" last night.

Kellyanne Conway, former campaign manager and consultant to President Donald Trump grew up in  Hammonton. She made a video appearance wishing her daughter "good luck" as the daughter made an appearance on "American Idol". While Conway was not there in person, her husband was seen accompanying his daughter.

While the daughter, Claudia, was making her singing debut on American Idol, she certainly wasn't making her debut before the American people.

She's already done that through her posts and video on social media, most of which have to do with the rocky relationship she has with her mom and dad. Dad, by the way, is an attorney and a Trump critic - especially during Trump's final years in office.

So, last night, America got introduced to Claudia Conway, the singer.

The judges - especially Katy Perry - seemed to allow Conway a little extra time during her tryout. Perry stopped Conway during her first song, and suggested she switch to a different song. Perry also gave Conway some advice on mixing her singing career with her social media interactions.

Here's a look at what happened last night, on "American Idol":


So now, Claudia Conway advances to the "Hollywood" portion of the "American Idol" experience. She'll have to sing with and against others if the show's prior format holds true for this season.

It will be interesting to see how the "social media star" interacts and gets along with other contestants and the judges!

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