Well, I guess it's time to officially say "so long" to summer 2023.

When the lights start flashing, summer is officially in the rearview mirror. Wildwood Crest has publicly declared that the traffic lights have been turned off for the winter months. Well, not turned off. They've been turned to "flash mode." See, what happens in the Wildwoods is the various boroughs tend to change up traffic patterns so locals won't have to sit and wait too long at the traffic lights. It's dead down here in the wintertime, so there's reason to keep the timers running like you would in the summer. There just aren't enough people on the roads to justify that.

Take it from us, it takes traveling up and down the island MUCH easier and quicker.

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Wildwood Crest's Facebook page confirmed that "flash mode" began on November 1st this year.


Now, with that being said, don't get any ideas about becoming a speed demon down New Jersey Avenue. The speed limit is still 25 mph throughout the island. Keep an eye out for others on the road and continue to be considerate of fellow drivers just like you are every season.

What's the silver lining here? Well, at the present, it's no longer having to worry about shoobies making traffic unbearable just to go 5 miles. So, there's that.

Still, I know plenty of people are already counting down the days until summer 2024. I know I am. Who doesn't love summer at the shore? There's still plenty to do in the winter months, but you just can't beat summer in the Wildwoods.

Until next summer.... 👋

Source: Facebook

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