Gritty has skyrocketed into social media popularity since his debut as the Philadelphia Fylers' new mascot. He's been made into memes and GIFs that have circulated the internet this past week. Now the Muppet dropout has officially made it into pop culture with a shout out on the popular game HQ.

Earlier this week, during one of the evening games of HQ, Gritty was one of the options for a question. If you do not know what HQ is, it is a mobile app live game show/quiz where you play against people from all over the world for money. You have to answer 12 questions correctly to win some of the prize money. The money is split between all of the winners. Gritty made a cameo during a boy band trivia themed game. It'll make sense in a second.

Gritty was an option in the question "The boy band One Direction included which of these people?" Clearly Gritty was not a member of the British boy band. However, he was among the choices of Whoopi Goldberg and Harry Styles.

via HQ

Obviously, the correct answer was Harry Styles. That was not apparent to 2,238 players. Since the game is played all over the world, I am going to credit language barrier as the reason people got this wrong.

via HQ

Congratulations Gritty! You have officially made it in the pop culture world.


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