For the first time in Super Bowl history, two brothers are playing against each other. Football fans are petitioning their mom to do the coin toss.

There's been Super Bowl champs Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, but those brothers never went head to head. People just can't imagine what it must be like for Donna Kelce to have two sons facing off in the NFL's biggest game of the season.

Jason Kelce is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles while Travis Kelce is a tight end with the Kansas City Chiefs.

So, who does Mama Kelce root for this coming Sunday? Well, she's got a jersey that represents BOTH sons and BOTH teams.

Since the brothers' appearance in Super Bowl LVII makes history, fans want to see their mom Donna do the same and flip the game coin that decides which team will receive the ball first.

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A petition on already has over 150,000 signatures (including mine, lol) calling for Donna Kelce to at least do an honorary coin toss ahead of what's been dubbed 'Kelce Bowl' in Arizona, USA Today reports.

What mother could be prouder?! But let this lady have her moment, since she'll be congratulating Jason at the end of Super Bowl LVII and consoling Travis, lol.

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