Today is another weird holiday you might want to add to your calendar. Happy National Sea Monkey Day! Do you remember those things? How many sea monkeys lost their lives to the carpet on bedroom floors after the container was knocked over? R.I.P.

Sea Monkeys were a popular children's toy/pet. I know it is sold in the toy section, but isn't it technically a pet or pets? If sea monkeys were any indication of how responsible a kid is, that would be scary. Following the popular ant farm, sea monkeys hit the scene in 1957 originally called "Instant Life."

You've got to check out this commercial that delivers so much promise, which leads to so much disappointment when you actually have sea monkeys.

When I was a kid I had my very own sea monkey aquarium that lived on my nightstand. I can't remember how long they lived, but I can't imagine it was that long.

Big Time Toys via Amazon
Big Time Toys via Amazon

So happy National Sea Monkey Day and R.I.P. to all of the sea monkeys who met their demise dried up on the floor.

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