This week a video took the internet by storm making friends and family members argue, Yanny or Laurel? The video is a clip of audio that, according to extensive research, is the word Laurel. However, some people or if you try really hard can hear the word Yanny. The science behind it deals with frequencies and sound waves.

There is another video that came out on the coattails of Laurel and Yanny that may even be crazier. The video features a toy that says something. That "something" is up for debate. When you watch the video you will hear either green needle or brainstorm, however when you re-watch it you will hear the other word/phrase. Some people are calling out the Illuminati.

Watch the video: (watch it at least twice)

If you scroll down the comments of the video people are thoroughly confused. However, there is a right answer.


It's Brain Storm, a character from the TV show Ben 10. The toy is part of the alien collection line for the show. If you place the toy into the housing unit, it will say the characters name.

Ben 10 via Amazon
Ben 10 via Amazon

If you look at the top left corner, there is the transparent toy from the video. No matter what the toy is actually saying, it is weird as heck.

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