Well, we've got to hand it to Chad of Toms River. He's a hero.

It's not every day you need to make the decision of whether or not to save an animal in distress. Chad chose right when it came time for him to decide the fate of a fawn earlier this month.

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There's so much commotion going on that it must not have been easy to handle the poor thing once catching up to it. Chad gave no second thought about his own safety and only saw an animal in need caught in a life or death situation. Chad knew he had to help.

The video shows Chad finally getting a hold of the baby deer, but not before having to dive under a dock to find it. The poor fawn can be seen squirming in Chad's arms, attempting to escape. He was able to hold onto the little guy long enough to grab hold of a neighbor's dock and pull himself and the fawn up to safety. The video clearly shows the neighbor coming out back confused as to why this random stranger has just appeared holding a baby deer.

Once making sure the deer was safe, Chad and his family were miraculously even able to reunite the fawn with the mama deer. It's, truly, an incredible moment to watch.

Check it out for yourself below:

Great job, Chad! Way to make Jersey proud.

Source: Facebook

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