Gina Marie Krasley, a current Ocean County resident had a spotlight episode on the TLC drama 'My 600-lb Life' air back in 2020.

Unfortunately, news spread over the weekend that Krasley has died with the cause of death currently unknown at the present time. Krasley has lived in a couple towns throughout South Jersey during the course of her short 30 years of life, including Galloway and Tuckerton. Her episode aired within the show's eighth season and detailed how she and her sister allegedly suffered both verbal and physical abuse from their father.

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After her parents' divorce, Gina and her sister we actually forced to live with their father. They were only reunited with their mother after Gina graduated high school and weighed in at about 450 lbs. That's when, Gina says, that she became pretty much immobile and, therefore, qualified for certain assistance from the government due to the fact that she was disabled at that point.

It was during her childhood and adolescence that Gina said she developed an unhealthy relationship with food. She said that she used to eat as a coping mechanism to deal with all of the pain going on within her life at home and with school bullies. According to Gina's TikTok, she was on the up-and-up. She was reportedly on a special diet and had dropped a significant amount of weight as well as gaining quite a bit of TikTok followers in the process.

Krasley would post inspirational videos and dance challenges to the video reel app that inspired messages of acceptance, kindness, and inclusivity.

More information regarding TLC & TikTok star Gina Krasley's death can be found HERE.

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