Today is National Avocado Day! Chipotle tweeted a secret message to its followers all in morse code. Turns out, the tweet reveals how the take-away Mexican restaurant will be celebrating: the guacamole is free. Yes, avocado lovers, this is not a drill. Guac is free all day today with any purchase.

Is there a catch? Always. In order to receive your free guacamole, you can't just walk in and order your burrito bowl at the counter. You have to place your order via the app or the website. It might do you well for us to mention that it's literally only one order of guac per entree that's free. So, ya know... don't be that person thinking you're going to walk out with four sides of free guacamole. Not gonna happen.

Still, free is free, right? Bottom line, don't be alarmed if you see an extraordinarily long line at the online-pick up register.

Yay for FREE GUAC!

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