Know any kids that are doing super things in South Jersey?

If you know someone 18 years or younger that's gone above and beyond for his or her friends, family, and community, then we need to hear from you!

The title of Jahna's Good Egg of the Week will be given to one child each week that has a proven record of giving back to his or her community, whether it be through volunteer work or through other forms of exemplary actions or behaviors.

Are you a teacher who has a student that stood up to a bully for a fellow classmate? Maybe you're a coach with a player who demonstrated awesome sportsmanship and led by example in the face of defeat. Whatever the case may be, submit your super kid to Jahna Michal from the Cat Country Morning Show!

Jahna's Good Egg of the Week will enjoy breakfast for two at Gary's Restaurant right off of New Road in Pleasantville!

**Note: All submissions must be for New Jersey students, Pre-K through 12th grade. College students are not eligible to win.**

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