I can't even believe I have to share this type of news because it absolutely crushes my whole heart, but we have to find this poor little pup.

A family in Linwood had what I can only imagine was one of the worst weekends of their lives. Not only were their vehicles taken right from their driveway, but their adorable French Bulldog puppy was swiped in the middle of the night.

According to a Facebook post shared by the homeowner, it all went down during the early hours of Sunday morning, December 10th, on West Vernon Avenue in Linwood. Linwood, of all places! Not the place you'd imagine this sort of thing going down, most would agree.

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Apparently, quite a few things were stolen from the property including cell phones and a purse. All those things pale in comparison to the puppy being taken. The pup got displaced from its mom and dad.

Not sure about your knowledge regarding how much French Bulldogs cost from a breeder these days, but I can assure you they are NOT cheap. We're talking THOUSANDS of dollars. I only mention that because it's obvious whomever broke in and stole all these things from this family knew how much a puppy like that could be worth.

I can guarantee this family cares little about the money and more about getting their precious pup back. Of course, we hope ALL of their belongings are found, but are praying for the puppy to be returned to its rightful owners safely.

Check out the post the homeowners shared to the local Linwood Facebook page HERE.

Here's a post from the Linwood Police Department, too:

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