Sometimes, you're not really feeling like a normal Christmas tree is going to cut it.

If I lived in a house that had room for more than one tree, trust me, there'd be at least two in there. I can't even say I wouldn't push it to 3. If three could fit, I'd make it happen.

The one thing I can guarantee is that you'd be disappointed if you're someone who prefers all Christmas trees to be green. Don't get me wrong, my tree is green this year. I only have room for one, so I usually stick with traditional. It's my dream, though, to eventually be able to decorate an all-white tree as well as a frosted one in addition to the traditional tree.

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I LOVE Christmas, can you tell?

A lot of people have already hopped on the non-traditional Christmas tree trend, opting for trees that are blue, purple, and even pink in some cases. Pink has definitely grown in popularity of the last few years.

If you're assuming you'd have to resort to fake trees to achieve that goal, you may be right if you didn't live in the Garden State.

Make a trip up to Belvidere in Warren County, New Jersey, and you'll find an adorable tree farm that's got trees of every single color. Yes, real trees.

Wyckoff's Farm is the name. They've been offering funky-colored trees for quite a few years now. Established in 1958, Wyckoff's has become a STAPLE place to get a wonderful tree in the northern part of the Garden State. Believe it or not, they're the official supplier of the all the Christmas trees at the White House!

Yep, President Joe Biden will be opening gifts from under one of Wyckoff's trees yet again this year.

If you're only on the hunt for a small tree, they've got you covered there, too. CHECK IT OUT:

Check them out online HERE.

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