DISCLAIMER: I am not Italian, but I showed Rachel who is Italian and she gave me her blessing. That works right?

The popular internet based sketch comedy group Funny or Die worked with Kelly Rippa, her husband Mark Consuelos, and their son Michael Consuelos for an interesting spelling bee.

Titled "The Bensonhurst Spelling Bee with Kelly Rippa", the video pokes fun at the way some Italians in this area pronounce certain words. Honestly, it's funny if you are Italian or not.

The contestants were asked to spell words like marinara and mozzarella. I am that person that pronounces marinara like m-air-in-air-a and mozzarella like motts-a-rella. Sorry.

There is also a great mob moment that gives you The Godfather vibes.

Check out the video and have a laugh: (You might want to pass it along to your Italian friends too.)

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