I think some people just watch too many police and detective shows on television.

Yeah, that must be it.

"Galloway Township Happenings" is a private Facebook page intended for people who live and work in the Galloway Township area. The group is almost 10,000 people strong.

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Recently, there was a post from a person (since it's a private group we're not identifying anyone by name) who says her car was stolen.

Obviously, this is a very serious crime and can be devastating if it happens to you. I really feel for this person and wish that there was something I could do.

I'm sure many people feel the same way. Many have provided heartfelt, sound advice,  but, some of the advice people have been giving this woman is just "off the charts." I think people are trying to be helpful, but the advice is downright silly.

Here are some of the comments (and my comments about the comments).

*I would check chop shops."

According to the Wikipedia definition, "A chop shop is a business, often mimicking a body shop, that illicitly disassembles stolen motor vehicles and sells their parts. Chop shops are often linked to car-theft rings as part of a broader organized crime enterprise."

First, if you're a "regular person", how do you even know where chop shops are located? Can you Google "Chop Shops Near Me"? Secondly, what do you do if you find one? March right in there and ask kindly that they give you your car back? Maybe Starsky and Hutch can help!

"Keep an eye on your EZ pass online."

And do what with that information, exactly? Get someone to drive you to that exit and see if they parked your car on the side of the road? Call the police every time your EZ pass is used? ("They just went thru the Atlantic City Toll Plaza!") I'm sorry, I'm a big fan of local police, but I know they can't spend 100% of their time trying to solve "The Stolen Car Caper,"

"Doesn't (the specific type of car) have a tracking device as standard equipment? They should be able to locate it that way."

Someone's been reading George Orwell a little too much, I'd say. Do you think the police have computers that allow them to track any and all vehicles? Um, probably not yet.

You know, there are some places in the US - including Phoenix, Arizona  - that are now hiring civilian police investigators. No police background is needed. Maybe some of these folks have a new career in front of them!

Honestly, we hope for a positive outcome for the victim in this case. It really sucks to have your vehicle stolen.

SOURCE: Galloway Township Happenings via Facebook.

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