Have you ever wondered how a person who is blind gets through every day? What's it like to be blind?

Do your children ask you questions about people who are different from themselves?

Chris Cruz, a resident of Galloway Township,  has been working on a special project for several months - it's a book about what it's like to be blind.

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It's a book not only for curious adults, but a great book to share with your kids about what it's like for someone to be different.

Chris and I have been Facebook friends for some time and despite being blind, he's able to maneuver Facebook pretty well. He shares how he does it: "I have a talking software on my iPhone called voiceover and then I have a screen reader on my computer called jaws which is job access with speech."

The book that Chris has written, with Lucy Jerue, is called As I See It - What Every Blind Person Wants Up to Know. Here's a description of the book from Amazon:

"Chris, blind since birth, answers any questions kids or adults might have about blindness and interacting with those who are blind. The color illustrations are a perfect complement to each topic Chris brings to us in this unique book."

The book is available through Amazon here. According to Lucy Jarue, the book will also be available on June 4 at an "outdoor bazaar and yard sale at the John D. Young Lions Blind Center on Pitney Road in Absecon."

SOURCE: Amazon.

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