Imagine a day when, even if you don't have EZ Pass, you wouldn't have to stop to pay a toll on the Garden State Parkway.On our Ask The Governor program last night, Governor Christie says he sees a time when toll roads like the Turnpike and Garden State Parkway will collect tolls using a cashless system. In other words, either everyone would have to use EZ Pass or you would get a bill in the mail after a camera took a picture of your license plate as you passed through a toll plaza.

Since EZ Pass was launched in New Jersey back in the 1990s, we've seen toll plazas shrink in size as express EZ Pass lanes have been installed. A toll plaza that used to have six or seven toll collectors working at a time now might only have one or two at peak travel times.

Would you support a cashless toll collection system on the Garden State Parkway or would you rather still have at least one human toll collector at every mainline toll plaza? Do you still pay every toll with cash? Post your comments below!

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