Whether or not you believe in celebrating before Thanksgiving, the Christmas season is officially here!

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If you haven't started your holiday shopping, listened to one Christmas song, shopped for any type of holiday decor, or even picked out any holiday outfit yet, you're definitely alone on that island because everyone else has dived head first into the spirit of Christmas.

There are also always people on the hunt for seasonal employment this time of year. One job offer in particular takes the cake (or should we say gingerbread) this season. How would you like to actually rake in some cash just for engaging in one of the best holiday traditions? A company called Century Link will literally pay you to sit back, relax, and soak up the magic of Christmas by watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

Call them cheesy if you want to (and enjoy your stay on Mt. Crumpit, you Grinch), but they give you that warm and cozy feeling everybody loves about the holidays. Plus, isn't it nice to watch something wholesome, light, and fun occasionally instead of all the trash and negativity that's floating around?

All they want you to do is document your Christmas movie binging experience via your most used social media account. Simple.

If the gig interests you at all, all you have to do is fill out the application. The site says you should hear back within 5 days after the contest wraps.

Happy Binging!

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