One never knows how you can make some one's day or even change someone's life.

Whether it's how you interact with someone, a little smile, or even a hug, you can make a difference.

Sometime it's how a business takes care of its customers that can make a big impression.

Silver Coin Diner server gets a nice tip and a special note

The Silver Coin Diner in Hammonton has shared a note on Facebook that one of its servers received from a recent customer.

They say along with the note was "an extremely large tip."

Here's what the note said:

"Today is ten years since my precious angel, Edmond passed at 6 years old. This was his favorite diner. Thank you for your wonderful service today. When life is tough, remember to stand strong."

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Not a dry eye in the diner

The Silver Coin's Facebook post included the fact that "Not a dry eye has read this note."

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This note shows that not only did the unnamed server make a great impression, but that the management of Silver Coin Diner has done a great job in serving their customers, and preparing their staff.

Congratulations, Silver Coin and staff - we salute you!

SOURCE: Facebook - Silver Coin Diner

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