Over the past couple of years, Mary Lee, the great white shark, became quite a celebrity up and down the Jersey shore. But for whatever reason, we haven't heard from her in quite some time. Luckily, a couple of her relatives are now spending some time around here.

Ocearch.com is currently tracking two sharks off of the South Jersey shore, Pico and Jane.

Pico is a male mako shark. His tracking device pinged Sunday evening at a position well off of lower Long Beach Island after making a 4,000 mile journey to get here. This past May, he was in the Gulf of Mexico near the U.S.-Mexico border, then in July he was near Key West, FL, before he decided to make a trek up the east coast. Since around Labor Day weekend, Pico has been enjoying the Jersey Shore (don't worry - he's not near the beaches).

Pico - Photo: Google Maps/ocearch.com

As for Jane, she's relatively new to the party. The first ping from her tracking device was just a few weeks ago well off of Cape Cod. Since then, she's been swimming southbound and was last reported to be several miles east of Ocean City as of November 5th.

Jane's track - Photo: Google Maps/ocearch.com