Have you ever woken up and all of a sudden the memory of the dream you had from the night before hits you like a ton of bricks and you wonder how you even got back here? It was so vivid, you couldn't have possibly been dreaming?

We all search for answers to our dreams. Some of them are so bizarre, we think to ourselves, "this HAS to mean something, right?" Turns out, according to Time, dreams are actually your brain trying to rid itself of the excess clutter of information in an attempt to prep for what it'll absorb the next day. Amazing, right?

That's why you sometimes find yourself in the strangest places while you dream. Like if you're at an ice cream shop, but it's also a tree house and people are swinging on a rope swing from the top back down to the ground. Spoiler Alert: I've actually dreamed this.

But, what about those dreams that appear to be premonitions in the light of day? Unfortunately, there's no scientific evidence to prove the precognitive dreaming is real. Sometimes, we dream things that end up coming true, but it's more likely a coincidence than paranormal. The best way to start down the path of finding out for yourself whether or not your dreams are premonitions is by studying what's known as lucid dreaming.

Good luck and sweet dreams!

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