Listen, we know the roads here in New Jersey are ALWAYS crowded.

Traffic is an issue here in the Garden State. Trust us, we're well aware. We sit in it so often that it makes sense why we take such pride in our bumper sticker arrangements on the back of our cars. People will actually notice them because of how often we all sit bumper-to-bumper on the highway.

Here's a bet that we wager we'll win: have you ever thought about the fact that the bumper stickers you choose to stick on could actually be revealing too much?

Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash
Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash

Bumper stickers aren't all fun and games...

Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact. Sources report that some bumper stickers could be used as targets towards you and your family. A scary though, but it happens to be true.

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Think about it for second.

A lot of people choose to put the bumper stickers on their cars that showcase every person in your family. If you have a family bumper sticker with the mom, the dad, the kids, and the pet, well look what you did. Now, a potential predator knows that you're likely to be a woman with kids in the car. If you're targeted, that might slow you down making you much easier prey.

It's scary to have to think like this, but it's necessary.

Another bumper sticker we'd steer clear of is the "baby on board" decal. Even if you have the one that suctions to your back window, experts say you should ditch it. Again, you're probably a mom with a baby. Attackers (traffickers) know that you'll take a minute to put the baby in the car, making you an easier target than someone without anything else to pay attention to as they're entering their vehicle.


Don't showcase your favorite products, either.

Another potentially dangerous bumper stickers are those of your favorite brands. If you have stickers showcasing expensive brands, that could be put you at greater risk of theft. People might think you have some nice stuff in your car and attempt to break in and steal it.


Just something to think about before decking out your bumper with every decal you can find. To read more about the potential risks posed by certain bumper stickers, click HERE.


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