Yesterday we asked you to describe Cat Country with GIFs. You did not disappoint. There were many cat themed GIFs, dancing GIFs, and excitement GIFs.

So what do Cat country listeners think of us?

Like I said there were a lot of cat GIFs, we can't blame you for that our name has "cat" in it.

Robert P. thinks Cat Country is meowgical:

Doris F. commented this. We don't actually know what it means, but it is funny:

Erica B. thinks we are fabulous:

A few of you associate Cat Country with dancing.

Brian B. thinks this describes Cat Country:

Linda had this to say about us:

Claudia commented this. That kid has got some moves:

Theresa clearly loves us a lot:

Valerie thinks we are awesome:

Cameron confused us on this one, but it's too funny not to share:

We clearly make Tanya very happy:

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