Yes, you read that headline right. Yes, Disney is giving us another Hocus Pocus, but not the Hocus Pocus we wanted.

My heart is broken. This is worse than a breakup and I need ice cream and wine STAT.

How can you make Hocus Pocus without Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy?

In my mind you can't. I say no.

Disney Channel announced they will be making the remake with Scarlett Lacey, from The Royals, as a writer, and the original Hocus Pocus's producer David Krichner. Director Kenny Ortega, who was the director on the original movie, will not be involved.

I have many many questions here.

Will they be treating it as a sequel? Will the movie revolve around the Sanderson sisters? Will it be set in modern times? Why aren't you casting the original brilliant cast for a sequel? Why no SJP?

I feel betrayed.

Back in 2016 S.J.P. was on Watch What Happens Live when she spoke of a sequel to the best Halloween movie ever made, "I think we’ve all been fairly vocal about being very keen."

Disney Channel, did you see that? The trio of witches were in for a sequel.

If you are sitting here reading this and do not know the plot of the movie Hocus Pocus and have yet to have seen the original movie do yourself a favor and have a movie night ASAP. You are denying yourself of a true treasure.

You get to see baby McGee. Sean Murray from NCIS has a roll in the film, he was so adorable.

You get to see Sarah Jessica Parker lure kids to be eaten while singing the creepiest song known to mankind and Kathy Najimy ride on a vacuum.

You will also have the best arsenal of movie quotes you can use whenever you want.

Excuse me while I go watch Hocus Pocus on repeat with a big glass of wine.

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