Sounds like a bold statement to make, but for most of us, it's true.

According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, 1 in four parents are drinking more as a result of being quarantined because of the coronavirus pandemic. More specifically, the reason for the increase in alcohol consumption can be directly traced to frustrations with the homeschooling process. Children are able to recognize that glass of wine you previously would only indulge in on Thursday or Friday nights has now become a daily occurrence.

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That's a true statement, too. 15% of parents are in fact drinking every single day now. To expand on that even more, if you're a parent of a preteen, chances are you've been part of the 10% of tween parents that has had a glass or two more frequently than you normally would.

Homeschooling is super hard! Maybe now, we'll all make sure teacher gets every single thing she asks for on the school supply list. Add one more thing to it, though: WINE, lots and lots of wine. Your kid's teacher deserves it.


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