You're invited to "Yappy Hour!"

If you tell me my dog is welcome at your event, I can almost guarantee I'll do everything I can to make sure I can be there. I know I'm not the only dog-owner who gets excited to hear about new pet-friendly experiences to be had with their pups. You can add this one onto the list of reasons why the Wildwoods are beloved by so many.

The Wildwoods are becoming more and more dog-friendly with each passing summer season.

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The latest hot spot to welcome your fur babies already has enough clout without even offering this, but I guess that's what makes them so great. They don't have to do it, but they are anyway. I'm talking about the Surfing Pig.

If you've never eaten a meal there, you're missing out. The Surfing Pig sits right on the back bay in North Wildwood and is plenty of people's favorite spot for a quick bite or brunch on the island. Personally, I love going for brunch because you can't get a better Bloody Mary anywhere.

Looks like I'll have to make my way down there for happy hour pretty soon. They're inviting all the pups!

The Surfing Pig recently announced on Facebook they're hosting "Yappy Hour" every Wednesday from 3-6. This is great for people who love to go one fun adventures with their dogs. If I could bring my dogs with me everywhere, believe me, I would. Yes, I am THAT crazy dog mom - and proud.

Honestly, it's wild that more places don't offer a weekly pet-friendly event like this. I can tell you one thing, you'll definitely catch me there with my dogs a few times this summer.

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