Negatively, that's how.

A social experiment conducted by the folks behind The Beautiful Things Facebook page demonstrates how our common societal beauty standards are significantly impacting the way we treat each other not only as adults, but children as well.

A child was first dressed in nice clothing that would be appealing to most eyes and made to look lost. She was met with positive responses from almost everyone. After the team put her in raggedy clothes and made her look dirty, the public perception of the lost child changed almost immediately. Nobody cared that she was lost and alone. She was viewed as a burden rather than a child in need.

See for yourself:

The video clearly demonstrates that modern beauty standards need to be addressed. We all put so much emphasis on how we look to the outside world when it's what's inside that counts. The only thing worth leaving on this Earth is a world better than the one we were born into. That starts with the impact we leave on others.

Let's strive to make it a positive one.

Source: Facebook

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