We're you at the beach this weekend?

If so, maybe you took note of the same thing I did... the greenheads were absolutely AWFUL! I don't know what their deal was this weekend, but the greenhead flies were out in full force on the beach. If seagulls are the shore's pigeons, then greenheads are the equivalent of the mainland's mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, the greenhead flies can be attracted to certain types of sunblocks and oils used by beachgoers. Even if you wear repellent, sometimes that doesn't even keep them at bay. And when they draw blood..... OUCH.

There's not much you can do to keep these beach blood-suckers away from you, but if you can deal with the heat, you can always cover up with your beach towel or keep your clothes on in between ocean dips. Outdoors.org also delivers this pro tip: wear lightly colored clothing & bathing suits.

Other than that, the only thing you can do is pray for an ocean breeze. Wind tends to keep the greenheads away, but it's got to be an ocean breeze. A land breeze won't do much. How do I know? From experience. There was a land breeze this weekend and I still have some small red welts on my legs from these bad boys.

Source: Outdoors.org

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