All of my childhood dreams came true today. I made my very own cotton candy burrito, which has become one of those Instagram foods that are hard to find. There are only two places that I can find that make these cotton candy burritos, Milk Tavern in L.A. and Creamberry in Vegas. Since I am nowhere near either of these places, I took it upon my self to make one for myself. It did not disappoint.

Imagine every sugary thing you ate as a child and imagine eating all of that sugar in one sit down. That is the most accurate representation of the cotton candy burrito. What's in a cotton candy burrito? Skip the cheese, beans and sour cream. A cotton candy burrito consists of cotton candy (duh), ice cream, and whatever toppings you want. I went for Lucky Charms (Unicorn Edition), Nerds, and diamond pearl sprinkles. It was magical.

How can you make your very own cotton candy burrito?

Watch here:

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