My name is Chelsea and I buy weird things online. I can't help myself if it's weird, cheap, and funny I'm buying it. In fairness, I am buying these things for your entertainment for YouTube videos. I'll do almost anything for YouTube.

There is a popular website/app called Wish. They sell anything you could ever think of at an extremely cheap and suspicious price. They have $15 wedding gowns... Part of the fun of Wish is that you don't actually know what the item is going to really look like when it comes in. They use beautiful stock photos for the products, but many times the actual item looks nothing like the photo. You just accept the fail and use the price as the excuse.

I took to Wish and bought some mystery boxes. I was really asking for getting packages of junk. I did not know what was going to be coming in and I was prepared for a major fail and waste of money. I only spent $1-$2 on each mystery box plus shipping. I think I spent just around $15 for five mystery boxes plus shipping.

What did I end up with?

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