This one is for all of New Jersey's foodies. The Garden State has PLENTY of those.


Because you'll be hard-pressed to find better cuisine anywhere in the world. No matter what kind of food you've got a taste for, New Jersey's got it. More than that, the Garden State has some of THE BEST of whatever food you're craving.

Obviously, it's hard for anywhere else to compete with the all of the delicious Italian restaurants New Jersey has to offer.

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NJ foodies LOVE their Italian food. Whether it's fresh fish or a heaping bowl of pasta, New Jersey residents will find it hard to say "no" to either one. We also LOVE our Italian appetizers.

Of course, a favorite here in the Garden State are mozzarella sticks. You might be thinking to yourself, "Really? You can find Mozzarella sticks anywhere."

Not like this, you can't....

Have you ever seen the GIANT mozzarella stick from The Brookdale Restaurant?

Weighing it at a whopping 1 whole pound, good luck finding anything like this anywhere else.

Seriously... this thing is HUGE.

People from all over the Garden State head to the Brookdale just to get the chance to taste this thing. It's so big that the entire table can split it!

You'll find the Brookdale Restaurant in Bloomfield, Essex County.

Source: Instagram

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