If you want all things that make you think of New Jersey in ONE ice cream, we know exactly where to send you.

A wildly inventive ice cream shop at the Jersey Shore has taken inspiration to a whole new level with its 'The Jerz' concotion.

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It's 100 percent an ode to the Garden State. And, although it (admittedly) looks kinda yummy, we're can't help but wonder if the flavor pairings make it more disgusting than delicious.

But true New Jerseyites never back down from a challenge, and The Woo Hoo on Long Beach Island certainly has a sense of humor, if not pride. So, what exactly is IN 'The Jerz'?

Sweet New Jersey Corn

Corn. Soft focus

Jersey Blueberry Swirl

Fresh blueberries in baskets at a local farmer's market

Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon sticks and powder, isolated on white background
Marat Musabirov/thinkstock

Pork Roll


Yep. Pork Roll. And we give The Woo Hoo bonus points for NOT calling it Taylor Ham, lol.

This ice cream undoubtedly takes sweet 'n savory to the max. Have you tried it? We'd love to get your thoughts.

And, we could faint eyeing up some of The Woo Hoo's other equally intriguing ice cream flavors.

courtesy Signagecloud via The WooHoo/Facebook
courtesy Signagecloud via The WooHoo/Facebook

If your curiosity about 'The Jerz' gets the best of you, you'll find The Woo Hoo at 211 S. Bay Avenue in Beach Haven, NJ (on LBI).

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