We've all heard the saying "Shop Til You Drop."  Well, a new study from the website shoehero.com says that 41% of New Jerseyans believe shopping is a form of exercise.

When I first saw these findings, I couldn't believe it.  Then, when I actually gave it some thought, I started to find myself agreeing that shopping actually can be considered exercise.

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I mean, you can do a lot of walking while you shop and if you carry bags filled with things you've bought, that increases the number of calories you burn.

This is similar to the way I feel when I vacation at Disney World.  When I am visiting the theme parks, it's not unusual for me to walk 8-10 miles per day.  That's part of the reason I don't feel as bad when I overindulge on Mickey Ice Cream Bars and popcorn.

Shoehero also found that the average New Jerseyan says he or she can run 276 meters before stopping.  That equals about 3 football fields.

If you were curious, Shoehero says only 22% of Pennsylvanians consider shopping a form of exercise and on average, can run 314 meters before stopping.

To check out more of Shoehero's findings, click here.

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