Last week I saw an article about a deer in Missouri that was found with the word "Pet" spray painted on its side and a collar around its neck. Obviously, this raised some concerns since owning a deer is illegal in Missouri.

This made me look up to see if you could own a deer in New Jersey, spoiler can't.

However,  you can own a skunk legally in New Jersey!

In New Jersey, you can legally own a skunk, opossum, and/or a raccoon. Raccoons are very on trend right now in Instagram Reels, so you could join in on the fun if you wanted.

Now we come to the important question, how does one obtain one of these adorable creatures?

A New Jersey pet store has made it crazy easy with two words, online shopping.

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NJ Exotic Pets is located in Lodi and brings the pet store right to the comfort of your own home with an online store where you can buy chinchillas, two different species of opossums, sugar gliders, kinkajous, skunks, and so many more adorable mammals.

They also have a variety of reptiles (including pythons and iguanas), birds (including tucans and macaws), frogs (including the non-poisonous dart frogs), and invertebrates (including cockroaches and tarantulas).

It is weird to click on the listing for a striped skunk, choose a color, and click add to bag.

The skunks are a steal, priced just under $1,000 at $995.

The opossums are a bit more pricey depending on which species you would like to make a part of your family.

The Brazilian short-tailed opossum is only $275 and the four-eyed opossum is a whopping $1,3500.

They offer a variety of shipping options or you can take the drive up to Lodi and pick up your new exotic pet.

NJ Exotic Pets also can be the place for your or your kid's next birthday party which is pretty cool. I could have seen myself having a birthday party here when I was a kid.

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