Isn't it so funny how much people think they can get away with in this day and age? What's wild is the fact that we're all monitored now more than ever before in the history of mankind.

Think about it. Almost everyone has, at the very least, a Ring camera or some sort of surveillance at their home. So, then, why does it seem that porch pirating has been on the rise over the past few years here in the Garden State?

How many times have you seen a Facebook post or TikTok featuring a suspicious person caught on camera that someone's trying to identify? Think about how many times police departments and other authoritative entities share surveillance footage stills of individuals they're wanting to talk to "in reference to an ongoing investigation."

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With all of that being true, why is it then that people think they will absolutely get away with   porch pirating this time of year? First of all, be a better human if you've ever done that or have even contemplated doing so. Second of all, there's a HUGE chance that your face will be splattered on social media for committing such a crime in only a matter of hours, maybe even minutes.

Just know that since people are getting multiple packages delivered per day to their homes due to it being the holiday season, there's a greater chance that one of them will get swiped. I've heard of three instances so far this year about packages being taken from acquaintances' porches and it broke my heart every time.

The porch pirates are lurking, South Jersey. Make sure you get yours in the house in a timely manner so you're not a victim, too.

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