Missed the extremely exclusive Le Dîner en Blanc when it made its debut in Atlantic City last summer? You can try and catch it this summer.

I had a conflict last summer when Le Dîner en Blanc arrived on the Atlantic City boardwalk and it ruined my summer, lol.

DJ Jack Fahey Photography
DJ Jack Fahey Photography

These invitation-only, posh white parties have been going on in Paris, France since the late 1980s and celebrities like Diddy have been throwing them in NY's Hamptons for years. Atlantic City's first ever Le Dîner en Blanc last June went SO well, entertaining 2,500 diners, it's hosting another one.

In a statement, Le Dîner en Blanc Atlantic City co-host Natanya DiBona said, “We are absolutely thrilled to bring Le Dîner en Blanc back to Atlantic City this June. Our guests raved about the beauty of the beach and ocean and the friendly, relaxed vibe created by the backdrop. Kayli [Moran] and I really enjoyed working with Mayor Marty Small and his team last year and we are committed to planning a fantastic event that shows off Atlantic City to even more guests this year."

Last year’s event featured multiple bands, DJs, and roaming performers, and organizers promise more of the same this year.

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But getting an invitation to attend this chic outdoor picnic might not be so easy. Demand for a ticket is expected to be high, as well it should be! You'll need to head to the party's official website to be added to a waiting list. But it'll be worth it just for a chance to hit what will certainly be the summer season's most-buzzed about event.

Most details right now are very hush-hush, but we do know the party is slated for Saturday, June 24th. However, Le Dîner en Blanc's location has yet to be revealed. It is a 'secret' party, after all.

Also, the dinner is essentially ALL BYO. Last summer, many of Atlantic City's premier dining establishments offered take-away baskets to take to the picnic to make it more convenient.

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Le Dîner en Blanc is more than an event. Organizers say it’s 'a unique cultural movement that empowers friends of friends to gather and celebrate their shared passions for life, food, fashion, and community, with a pinch of mystery and a large serving of spontaneity'.

Diner En Blanc, Atlantic City, New Jersey. June 24, 2022. © Jack Megaw, 2022
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I'm DYING to get onto the GUEST LIST list year! I want the chance to experience once of these dinners for myself! It's definitely on my 'bucket list'! It feels like a very 'Sex and the City' kind of thing to be required to "dress elegantly in head-to-toe white," according to Le Dîner en Blanc's site. "No ivory, no off-white, and no beige. Originality is always encouraged, as long as it stays stylish and tasteful." Those are MY kind of rules and I hope I get to step up to the challenge, lol.

Natanya and Kayli, CALL ME!

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