You voted, and we agree!  South Jersey's Favorite Bartender has been selected by YOU and she's a STAR!

Maria from OVT Bar & Grill in Millville has been announced as South Jersey's favorite bartender. In which case, Joe and Rachel took a trip to the bar to see Maria in action and present her with her award!

Credit: TSM

We also even tried her signature drink called the "S'mores Martini" and it's literally be careful because my chocolate loving soul could have had 8 of those, no problem.

It contains a frozen glass, rimmed with chocolate syrup, graham cracker crumbs, and even toasted marshmallows to garnish!

Now I'm no bartender so don't ask what's inside... All I know is that I short of blacked out in awe after I saw the chocolate syrup and it was AMAZING.

And naturally so, the bar even presents the best piece of advice that A LOT of us should probably take into consideration...

Credit: TSM