Since the beginning of November, Wawa has been giving away free cups of coffee on Tuesdays to their Rewards Members. So, just how much coffee have they given away?

According to a press release, Wawa has given away a staggering 24 million cups of coffee over the past six Tuesdays.

24 million!

And -- they expect to give away another 13 million cups of coffee over the next three Tuesdays.

That's 37 million cups of coffee in two months.

Some simple math shows that's about 4.1 million cups of coffee every Tuesday.

Mike Sherlock, Chief Product Marketing Officer for Wawa, says, "With three weeks to go, we hope customers take advantage of this by signing up for Wawa Rewards to enjoy a free cup of coffee on us, plus future rewards for free food and beverages."

If you are wondering, the top coffee-giving-away Wawa store in the Garden State is on Route 33 in Hamilton, Mercer County. Other stores watching coffee flow out the door are in Newark, DE, and Richboro, PA.


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