If you're a customer of Wawa, you probably go there often. Maybe every day. Maybe several times a day.

You may consider yourself a Wawa expert, but how much about Wawa do you really know?

Check out this information that will make you ever more Wawa-friendly than you already are.

1. Wawa's first store was in Folsom, Pennsylvania. It opened in 1964.

2. The first convenience food items sold at Wawa were burgers and friend chicken. Subs and sandwiches came later.

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3. Wawa is currently in six states, plus Washington D.C. Can you name the states? Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.

4. Wawa is not another word for water. Wawa was a Native American word for the Canadian Goose found in the Delaware Valley more than 100 years ago.

5. It took 11 years for Wawa to start brewing and selling coffee. The first cup was sold in 1975.

6.Only certain people can buy Wawa stock. The private company only offers stock to employees. Currently the business is 41% employee owned.

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7. In 2016 When then Presidential candidate Donald Trump visited a Wawa in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, he didn't buy anything. Among those who accompanied Trump was famous college basketball coach Bobby Knight.

8. Wawa is mentioned in several episode of the show, "The Goldberg's", which is set in the Philadelphia area in the 1980s.


SOURCE: Wawa.com

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