It can be said once, it can be said a MILLION TIMES: someone needs to hurry up and finish the game of 'Jumanji' they started at the beginning of this year, because it's getting too wild out here.

As if the world isn't experiencing enough chaos right now with COVID-19 and the social unrest, this week alone NJ's experienced some CRAZY storms called "derechos", a bear was on the loose in Manahawkin, and now, just south of Cape May, a shark attack!

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Sounds like the plot of a disaster movie, but nope, those are just real events that have occurred SO FAR in 2020.

If you take the ferry from Cape May over to Lewes, DE, you'll disembark at the location where a little boy has been allegedly bitten by a shark and had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for his sustained injuries. reports that the beaches of Cape Henlopen where the incident occurred have prohibited both surfing and swimming as a result.


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